Empowering Learning Online Timesheets

Welcome to Empowering Learning's on-line timesheet facility.

All you have to do is log on using your email address and password (which you have the option to change) and follow the steps to confirm or reject any outstanding timesheets.

You can also view old timesheets which can be stored electronically or printed off if you need a hard copy.

How the Online Timesheets work

Step 1: Our vacancy records produce automatic timesheets

Step 2: Our teachers confirm the number of days they have worked in particular schools

Step 3: Schools then confirm the number of days worked by Empowering Learning Teachers

Step 4: The confirmed days are fed into our payroll and invoicing systems

Why the move to Online Timesheets?

Teachers save time in filling out paper timesheets and getting them signed off by school staff.

Teachers save money on postage.

Schools can confirm timesheets by email or via our website at any time.

Schools have a permanent record of current and past timesheets for auditing purposes.

Its good for the environment and Empowering Learning is one step closer to achieving a paperless office.